What Online Casino has the Best Sign Up Bonus?

For the new player looking to find an online casino site to play at, or for the more experienced player searching for a change finding the best online casino can be quite confusing, especially as there are new sites appearing on our pages on an almost daily basis. 

Below you will find some tips to assist you in making the right choice when choosing your perfect online casino bonus.

How to Choose the Best Online Casino

Even though the online casino industry is very appealing it can still be difficult for them to attract new players, trends tend to change pretty quickly, so the best online casinos know how to both attract, and then keep their players loyal. 

One of the oldest and still the best ways that online casinos draw players through their virtual doors is by offering bonuses and promotional offers which in effect gives players extra casino money to play with. 

There are a few different types of bonuses available but they all tend to work on the same principle and that is when a player makes a deposit at a casino they will award them with some bonus money and other benefits like free spins. 

Below is an example of what casino bonuses in the UK look like with an explanation of what each offers the player and why they are worth considering when playing at an online casino. Bonuses have been a staple in the online casino industry, and it is actually quite difficult to find a casino that does not offer some kind of bonus to new players especially.

The Sign Up or Welcome Bonus 

Named the Sign Up bonus for obvious reasons (you need to sign up with the online casino in order to claim this bonus) or the Welcome bonus this is probably going to be the largest bonus offered as it is used to tempt players through the virtual doors. 

How it Works

  • Let’s say that the first sign up/welcome bonus is one that offers players a match bonus of 100% of up to £100 and 20 free spins on one of the sites popular slot games (the sites choice) This would give you £200 to play with increasing your bandroll by 100%. What you need to remember is that the bonus money given by the casino is casino money only – you withdraw it, it can only be used playing on the online casino games. Outside of the casino the bonus money is useless. There is also a maximum deposit you can make which will be shown (for example a 100% bonus up to £100) 
  • There will be restrictions and requirements attached to the bonus which could be time restrictions attached (you need to spend the bonus money in a certain time) and/or wagering requirements (you will need to play through the bonus money a number of times) before being able to withdraw any winnings.
  • Free spin bonuses give you a number of free spins on specific games, there are some casinos that offer you free spins as the main part of the welcome bonus and these casinos do not attach any restrictions or wagering requirements to them. This means that any winnings could be withdrawn right away.

The Multiple-Deposit Sign Up Bonus

Some online casinos offer their players a sign up bonus that comes in several stages. Many online casinos do this and they work just like any other sign-up bonus but are delivered in stages – each time you make a deposit  you are offered a bonus. It’s quite usual for the multiple-deposit bonus to come in three or four stages, below is an example of how one might work. 

  • The first sign-up bonus is generally the most generous and could be ‘make a deposit and receive a !00% match bonus up to £100 (the ‘up to’ is the highest amount of bonus money you can get) This first deposit bonus might come with a good amount of free spins on one of the most popular slot games the site is home to. 
  • The second bonus might have a slightly lower match bonus (maybe 75%) up to a lower ceiling amount 
  • The third deposit bonus might be an even lower percentage with a number of free spins attached to it too
  • The fourth deposit might simply be free spins

Of course, the type of structure the multiple-deposit sign up bonus takes depends solely on the online casino. 

There is one other sign-up bonus that is very rare to find nowadays and that is the cashback bonus. Cashbacks as a rule are given as a percentage of a players losses after they have played through their bonus monies. More rare is a money-back guarantee with your first deposit, and if you are lucky enough to find one they always have a limit attached to them. 

Please note that all bonuses and promotional offers do come with some rules and restrictions attached to them, so always remember to read the terms and conditions before opting in.

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