Slotbox Launches a New Online Casino Powered by Gaming Innovation Group (GiG)

Irish gambling operator Slotbox announced the launch of a new online casino in partnership with the iGaming company, Gaming Innovation Group (GiG) in October 2020.

The new platform, built on GiG’s reliable frontend framework is designed to make the gambling experience of users wholesome when on the site. A range of betting options will also be offered to the clients, with a dual registration function incorporated to enable gamblers to play across all channels. 

Why the New Online Casino Is a Gamechanger

Slotbox’s experience in the gambling industry combined with GiG’s innovative platform produced a service that has the potential to make the companies market leaders in the near future. Additional features are also set to be added into the online casino over the next few months, continuing the organizations’ bid to create a first-class gambling experience for their customers.

The product has an omnichannel solution that enables gamblers to seamlessly move between digital and physical casinos. This provides uninterrupted access for the customers, enabling them to maximize their plays.

Users can also connect to a shared loyalty system, ensuring they earn loyalty points whether playing in the physical or online casino. This feature underlines Slotbox’s commitment to improving its services for its faithful customer base.

The new online casino is revolutionary in an industry that is mostly stuck in its old ways. Its introduction to the market will not only elevate Slotbox’s market share but also spark innovation in the betting industry.

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