The Easiest SLOB Play: Stack

Sideline out of bounds plays (SLOB) in basketball can get tricky if you don’t have plays with multiple options to get the ball inbounds. While this SLOB doesn’t have a lot of scoring opportunities out of it, it allows you to get the ball inbounded effectively, which is the ultimate goal when taking the ball out on the sidelines.

Before the ball is ever taken out of bounds, your point guard should be the third guy in the stack, and he has to let the guard in front of him know which way he is going to go. This is simply done with a tap on the hip.

The object of the stack is to break into your cuts quickly, creating space between you and the man guarding you. The scoring option out of the stack is the front man swinging around. If his man trails behind him, he’ll be open for a layup.

A key teaching point of this sideline out of bounds basketball play is that the players must make their stack tight and set up their cuts to create space.

While it is a simple play, it is effective.

Sideline Out of Bounds Basketball Play – Stack

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