Shooting The Basketball – Kyle Korver Mechanics Breakdown

One of the best in the game right now at shooting the basketball is Kyle Korver. He’s a career 43% shooter from beyond the arc, and shot it over 45% from there in the 2016-17 season.

It’s no secret that Korver is an excellent shooter, but what makes him one of the best in the game? Simply put, his mechanics.

In the video below, Coach A does a quick breakdown of Korver’s mechanics and what makes him shoot the basketball so well.

As the video shows, Korver:

  • Has his butt down and hands up ready to shoot – this is an important aspect to shooting the basketball; you have to be ready to shoot.
  • Steps into his shot – As he receives the ball, Korver steps into his shot to ensure a quick release.
  • Slightly dips the ball – You’ll often hear coaches tell players not to dip the ball, but that’s false. A slight dip helps to create the momentum you need in your shot.
  • Creates an ‘L’ with his elbow – Korver is about as perfect as it gets with the ‘L’ in the elbow. There is no wasted movement.
  • Has a high release – Korver finishes his shot with his elbow above his eyebrow, ensuring a high release point.
  • Holds his follow through – Korver holds his follow through as the ball leaves his hand.

The end result? A made bucket. Korver didn’t develop these great mechanics overnight. It took hours and hours in the gym building muscle memory through repetition. Those hours in the gym have paid off, however, as he’s become one of the best at shooting the basketball in the game.

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