Parimatch Strengthens Its Premier League Presence  and Partners With Six Clubs

Betting and technology brand Parimatch wrote agreements with three premier league clubs. They have expanded their deals with two clubs in an attempt to enlarge the number of English football club associates.

Parimatch has engaged in deals with Brighton and hove Albion. Aston Villa and Southampton. On August 21st they also extended their contract deals with Everton and Leicester City.

This comes after Parimatch signed up for a collaboration with Chelsea last month increasing the number of the teams to six. The deals consist of online and offline consent, access to club assets, and club merchandise.

Roman Syrotian the CEO of Parimatch Tech stated that they determine to expand into worldwide sports proposition is the main agenda of every member at Parimatch Tech. 

He added that they are delighted to have collaborated with their partner clubs and are tickled to make use of the upcoming changes. This progress is present mutually. The deals also concern joint projects, fan giveaways as well as advertisements.

Syrotian added that Parimatch is in admiration of the club’s great history and desires to promote its success in the upcoming years.

They are also renowned to have Chelsea, Leicester City, and Everton as their partners and they are looking forward to witnessing then collaborators on the pitch expressing their devotion for football and winning naturally.

Some of the Parimatch partners like Chelsea have a unique style, charisma, and determination to resonate ideally with Parimatch’s love for sport and desires. Becoming an official member of 2020/21’s European champions is a significant thrill and duty in the field of online gambling.

Luckily, Parimatch is driven by the desire to conquer new levels and unravel emotions. They are excited for the next coming three years that the collaboration will bring success.

The agenda for Parimatch and Chelsea is to endeavor for greatness and also support give support for both online gambling and online casinos.

Sarah Batters, who is the director of Marketing and the collaborator at Southampton football club stated that they were glad to welcome Parimatch as their new business partner. She added that they share their club values of being determined and they are eager to cooperate with them for the season ahead.

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