Man-to-Man Press Breaker: 4 Across

When it comes to breaking a man-to-man press (or sometimes even a zone press), my favorite press breaker to run is this simple “4 Across” play. It has simple cross-screen actions to get our guards available in the middle of the floor.

Against a man-to-man press, your primary goal is to get the ball to a ball-handler and clear out for them to be able to get the ball down the floor. This simple press-breaker allows just that.

It also creates an alignment that if the defense lines up between the ball and their man, there are opportunities to go long and get an easy bucket.

Are there any special tricks or alignments for this play? Nope – it’s a simple press breaker that accomplishes exactly what you want out of a man press breaker – getting the ball in your ball-handlers’ hands.

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