The Best Backdoor Basketball Plays

Whether you’re coaching basketball as a youth coach or at the college level, backdoor plays work. When defenses are pressuring you, one of the easiest ways to get a bucket is by running a set for a backdoor. This typically involves clearing out a side and sending a player backdoor to the hoop.

For that reason, we put together some of our favorite backdoor plays that you can add to your arsenal.

Backdoor Plays

USC: Big to Guard

This play starts with the 1 & 2 starting high on the perimeter. The 4 and 5 start on the blocks, and the 3 starts in the opposite corner of the ball.

The 3 comes off of a double baseline screens from the 4 & 5.

As soon as the 3 comes off of the screen from the 4, the 4 flashes to the high post and receives a pass from the 1.

On the 4’s catch, the 2 immediately backdoors and receives a pass from the 4 for the layup.

Virginia: Big to Guard

The play starts with the 4 & 5 guys on the blocks, the 3 in the high post, the 2 on the right wing, and the 1 up top.

The action starts with the 2 cutting across the court to the left wing, the 3 cutting ut to the right wing, and the 4 cutting to the high post.

The 1 passes to the 4 in the high post, and the 2 immediately cuts backdoor as the 4 catches it.

Indiana: Big to Guard

This backdoor play starts in a 1-4 high set, with the bigs on the elbows and the guards on the wings.

The action starts with the 1 throwing to the 2 and starting to cut through opposite.

As the 1 is making his cut through, the 2 throws the ball in the high post to the 4. The 5 and the 3 set double screens for the 1 as a decoy action.

The 4 will take a dribble to act like he’s passing to the 1 for a three-pointer, and then reverse pivot and throw the backdoor to the 2.

Xavier: Guard to Guard

This play’s alignment starts with a double stack at the elbows. Both guards start on the right elbow and both bigs start on the left elbow.

The action starts with 1 dribbling to his right. This triggers the 3 man to clear through to the left off of a double screen from the 4 and 5.

The 1 cross over and starts heading left.

The 1 will stop lane-line extended on the left side as the 3 pops out to the wing. The 1 will pass fake and then hit the wing backdoor for a layup.

UTEP: Guard to Big

The play starts with a three out, two in alignment. The guards are outside and the bigs are in.

The action starts with a dribble handoff from the 1 to the 2.

As the 2 dribbles to the left half of the court, he will stop and pivot. The 5 will make a cut up to the elbow, then go backdoor.

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