How Gambling With Lives Is Helping Through Educational Programme

Gambling With Lives is a welfare established by families dispossessed by online gambling-related suicides. It has managed to open a new program focusing on stopping harm among young persons in UK.

Created by professionals on gambling suffering, teachers, academics, and people with the life experience of betting harms. The program is dedicated to influencing the way betting awareness coaching is offered to young people and direct the absence of information and assist the currently available needs.

The project will be conducted at schools in Manchester, northern Ireland, and Essex before being deployed to other parts of the country.

James Grimes who is the chair of education at Gambling With Lives stated that what makes the initiative special is that it incorporates the role of addictive substances and predatory advertisement in causing harm.

James added that we can prevent the young persons by providing them with information that is neutral and has a confirmation. Creating awareness of how addiction happens is better compared to waiting for it to evolve.

However, education is not sufficient, a real transformation is required to regulate and administering to save guard the public.

Gambling With Lives stated that the project is based on broadcasted research about teaching and awareness evolving across other effects like drugs and tobacco and it also covers the basics about online casinos and gambling. 

It includes mastering odds and risk. It also concentrates on how addictive substances work and the ways and impacts of the industry advertisement, which places it separate from programs offered by the industry-sponsored charities.

Gambling With Lives agenda is to support family members who have been affected by gambling addicts. They are also dedicated to creating awareness among the gamblers, their relatives, friends, and qualified professionals of the dangerous outcomes of gambling on both mental health and high possibilities of suicide risks.

Some of the trustful researches show that 

  • Over 60,000 young persons aged 11-16 are addicted to gambling
  • Both UK and International research shows that 4-11% of suicide cases are related to gambling which is equal to 250-650 deaths yearly in the UK.
  • In Sweden, research shows that casino and online betting addicts are 15 times likely to commit suicide compared to the general population.

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