Full Court Basketball Drill: Duke Shooting

This is our favorite full court basketball drill, as it incorporates skill development and conditioning, both vital to your team’s success. The drill starts with a line of guys on the block, and a line of guys out on the wing.

The first guy in line will throw the ball off of the backboard and rebound the ball at its highest point. Then he’ll outlet the ball to the guy out on the wing.

After receiving the outlet pass, the player on the wing will attack the elbow on the other end of the court.

After throwing the outlet pass, the player will stay wide and sprint down to the other end of the floor.

The player with the ball will jump stop at the elbow and throw a pass  for a layup.  Then, the players can come back on the other side of the floor and the next group can go.

Drill Variations

Instead of shooting a layup, you can have your players shoot a jumpshot, shot-fake and attack the hoop, or many other moves.

Points of emphasis

In this drill, you want to make sure your players:

  • Go full speed. They’ll get out of it what they put into it.
  • Attack the elbow and then jump stop to avoid a travel.
  • Throw good passes. There is no defense, there shouldn’t be turnovers.
  • Stay wide. Your players shouldn’t be running down the court right next to each other.

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