Claire Milne Replaced at Playtech’s Board

The past month has seen a raft of changes made at one of Estonia’s biggest online software companies. Recent news headlines have indicated the departure of Claire Milne from gambling software company Playtech.

Playtech is a gambling software development company founded in 1999. The company offers software for online gambling and online casinos. There have been many substitutes to its boardroom over its existence. Such changes include new senior independent director appointments, non-executive directors.

Linda Marston-Weston has been nominated to Playtech’s Board to act as its new non-executive director. She has over 30 years of experience working with the UK and also intercontinental business beginning with finance, tax, culture, strategy, and leadership stance.

Marston was also the chief of tax at EY Midlands, where she held the position of people partner. She will be replacing Claire Milne in October.

Claire Milne is supposed to step down on September 30th. Milne acted as the Interim Chairman of Playtech. This happened before Brian Mattingly resumed the role on a long-term basis.

Non-executive chairman Mattingly stated that he was delighted to welcome Weston to the board. Besides her remarkable job in areas of people, inclusion, and diversity, Linda will also initiate enough experience, technical expertise to polytech, and strategic insight. She is capable of all this as she has been taking part in directing businesses at the board level.

Ian Penrose will be resigning from the position of the senior independent director and he replaced Johnson starting on September 30th.

After Penrose resigning from the nomination committee will be resuming his new role.

On behalf of the board, he wished to express their gratitude and appreciation to both Jonh and Claire for their benefaction to Playtech’s growth for the past five years. He added it has been the primary in the establishing the base for the next phase

Mattingly said.

John Krumins will take the role of member and chair of Playtech’s audit committee. He will accompany the nomination committee together with Mission. 

Mission role will be chairing the risk committee, Marston-Weston will be a member of the committee too.

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