Chris Philp Appointed as the UK Gambling Minister

Chris Philip was appointed as the parliamentary under secretary of state at the department for the digital, culture, and sports (DCMS).

He was nominated as the gambling minister on 22 September. This was after comments he made concerning the independent announcement into the ruling of Betindex after assuming his new role.

The report established that the gambling commission was too relaxed in its directives of the sagging operator football index. Also, the operator was unconscious that the product provided it may not have been permitted to offer for additional three years.

A DCMS speaker announced that Philp would take after Whittingdale, who was executed from the position earlier. 

Acting as the backbench MP, Philp had pressed for stern regulation of fixed-odds betting terminals (FOBTs). He made these decisions ahead of 2018 to lower the maximum stake permitted on the machines. This was a stark difference compared to Whittingdale. Whittngdale had organized a committee that advocated for an extension of the proliferation of the units before his time of managing online gambling.

Michael Dugher, who is the chief executive of the betting and gaming council, underlined the work the betting sector does and the development it has attained as he was preparing to work with Philp.

Michael added that they have made outstanding advancements working towards the gambling review white paper. They are certainly confident that government will not like to lose momentum.

BGC members make a huge amount of money in taxes to the economy. Therefore, the government must carry on with the evidence it has made to review.

Micheal said that he was looking forward to working with Chris in the months onwards as the BCG persues to implement changes and elevate standards for online casinos.

Also ensuring that they get the balance perfectly between save guarding the vulnerable as well as making sure that the millions who like a flutter harmlessly and reliably have the privilege to do so.

Philp was the MP for Croydon South since the year 2015. He one-time held a junior’s position at the home office and ministry of justice. He also acted as the minister for London at the ministry of housing and communities from 2019 to 2020.

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