Basketball Coaching: Why You Need Great Shooters

It may seem obvious why great shooters are a must, but there are a multitude of factors as to why you need great shooters for your team. In this post, we highlight some of the most important reasons you need great shooters on your team.

Shooting is the Most Important Skill in Basketball

Shooting the basketball is an important skill that all players should possess. In fact, it is probably the most important skill in basketball. How many times have you seen a shooter get hot and bring his team back in the game?

Contrarily, how many times have you seen a defense completely sag off of a player because they know they have no chance at making a shot?

Both situations happen all of the time in basketball. You don’t want to be the team that everybody sags off of or plays zone against. You need to have great shooters.

Floor Spacing

A team full of great shooters opens up the floor tremendously. Teams are able to sag off guys and can’t play in help-side defense out of fear of a guy knocking a shot down.

By staying closer to their man and not being in help-side defense, the gaps become larger and driving lanes become wider. Listen to any coach talk about good offense, and floor spacing is typically at the forefront. Having great shooters aids in that.

Off Nights

Off nights happen for even the best shooters, it’s just part of the game. But with a team full of great shooters, even when some of your best players have off nights, you have other guys that can pick up the slack.

Sure, it would be great to have everybody on your team catch fire, but even having that one guy catch a groove can help propel you to victory when other players don’t have their best night.

It’s pretty simple – the more good shooters you have, the better chance you have to score more points consistently.

Always Have Weapons

By fielding a team full of tremendous shooters, you always have multiple weapons to use against the defense. Maybe an offense breaks down or a defense takes a key guy away. For a team of mediocre shooters, that can really hinder an offense.

But with a team of shooters, keying on one guy just leaves others open for looks they are used to knocking down.

The weapons you have at your disposal really become a huge luxury.

It’s easy to see the advantages of having great shooters on your team. What are you willing to do to make your team better shooters this off-season?

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