5 Reasons Why Every Gearhead Should Attend a Formula 1 Racing Event

So you’re thinking about attending a Formula 1 racing event and aren’t sure whether it’s worth your time, or money for that matter. Maybe you’re a gearhead who hasn’t gotten into Formula 1 racing, or maybe you’ve just chosen to relax at home and enjoy it on TV. That’s understandable — but you’re missing out. If you’re looking for a fun activity to do over the course of a weekend, we recommend trying your luck at Formula 1 racing events.

There is so much more happening than just racing — although that’s pretty great, too. With food, drink, and plenty of amazing people from all across the world to interact with, it’ll certainly be an experience you’ll remember for the rest of your life. Read on for our list of the top reasons to attend a Formula 1 racing event if you’re a gearhead looking to have a good time with other gearheads.

The cars

Clearly, one of the primary reasons is to see the cars. Everyone knows that Formula 1 is one of the fastest kinds of racing at the moment, if not the fastest. Yet standing along the rails of a circuit and seeing those race cars reach full pelt, it’s hard not to feel breathless.

As in every sport, the TV just can’t do Formula 1 justice. When standing on Luffield Bend in Silverstone, known to be one of the slower areas of the circuit, we just could not understand how the cars stuck to the racetrack round the corner as if they were attached, only to sling out the opposite end at breakneck speed. Obviously, the audio and visuals aren’t quite up to par with what fans would see from the screeching race cars of twenty years back, but today’s race cars can bring the need for speed unlike any others in history.

The events

There’s a lot more happening over the weekend than simply the Formula 1 race. Occasionally, there are occasionally some epic F1 parades between the races, with a special 40th anniversary of Renault and Williams happening a few years back at Silverstone. Ancillary events will naturally depend on which race you attend, but rest assured there will be something happening to help you stay entertained over the course of the event.

Racing Formula 1 Pit Lane. Free photo on Pixabay

The fans

Each of the 20 drivers have their own subset of fans at the event. One thing you’re sure to notice is the incomparable friendliness and generosity of the fans. When you go to a Grand Prix, you feel like you’re a part of a community of like-minded people, and it’s a beautiful thing.

In contrast to sports like football, where infighting between fans of other teams within a league is a big problem, this could not be less true of the fans you’ll meet at an F1 Grand Prix — irrespective of the team or driver you’ve come to cheer on. Some fans also enjoy dressing up and simply go for a few laughs, like the ‘Dutch Lion’, which has turned into a beloved fixture at the Barcelona event, as well as a variety of others.

The culture

Formula 1 is certainly not everyone’s cup of tea — even for the most intense gearhead. However, one element that really stands out is that a Formula 1 Grand Prix is more than simply a series of races. For instance, Silverstone is a 4-day event that includes things like live music and a variety of other non-racing-related events. On the other hand, in Barcelona, festivals and clubs keep going strong deep into the wee hours to encourage the party atmosphere of the Grand Prix weekend. There were also a lot of great deals, including complimentary entry into the Barcelona Auto Show included with your ticket so that attendees have more to occupy their time than just the races.

As for the actual circuit, it’s chock full of non-racing activities, including places to shop, food and drink areas, DJ’d events, bars, and a variety of other things to do. There is simply so much happening at these weekends; it sometimes feels difficult to cram everything into just a few days.

A green Formula 1 car racing on a track. Free photo on Pixabay



With any luck, this list made you get a little FOMO about what you’re missing out on with Formula 1 events. They really are the experience of a lifetime — and it’s only partially to do with the cars or the races. Go book your tickets, and be prepared to have your hair blown back.

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